Mathematical Modeling of Regulatory cascade in Psoriasis

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Published Jul 26, 2021
Daniel Alex Anand


In the post-genomic era, mathematical modeling of regulatory cascades in gene-regulated networks in autoimmune diseases (AIDs) like Psoriasis is a challenging task to execute. Four computational approaches addressed the Challenge, namely (a) Gene Assisted Cascade Regulation, (b) Differential Gene Expression Cascade, (c) Gene Variant Cascade, and (d) Biologic Cascade to identify a potential biomarker for treating Psoriasis in the future.

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ANANDARAM, H., & Alex Anand, D. . (2021). Mathematical Modeling of Regulatory cascade in Psoriasis. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from
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Autoimmune, Diseases, Psoriasis, Gene, RNA, Transcription

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