Prediction Of Overall User Gratification In European Continent Tourism Domain

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Published Sep 14, 2021
Venkata daya sagar Ketaraju


The hotel sector business is on its knees across the globe with the effect of COVID-19 in tourism could set the global tourism industry back 20 years. Online information is vital in the tourism hotel sector. This post-covid world is now even more essential for hotel management to increase digital interface and technology-centric businesses in a tie with E-Tourism platforms, which uses recommender systems to capture user views. A big hurdle for any hotel management in this peculiar pandemic is how to retain the business market by gaining users' faith bounce back. User opinions change pretty often now seek for hotels that offer comfortable stay and safety measures. This study tries to capture the user view upon the segments, which leads to high gratification levels earlier, valuable for E-Tourism travel platforms to recommend hotels in new dimensions.

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Context-aware recommender systems, Hotel class, Item-Item collaborative filtering, Recommender systems, Travel platforms, Trip-Type

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