Prediction of User Overall Gratification in Indian Tourism Domain on Hotel classes and Trip-Types

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Published Sep 8, 2021
Venkata daya sagar Ketaraju


The revenue and economy of the country in the past years significantly depend on tourism. The hotel sector's role is even more prominent in tourism. The plans and decisions of tours of users can be recommended with the collaboration of E-commerce and hotel management. The traveling proportion of the population is getting minor over the months due to the worst impact of COVID-19. Thus not just the tourism, the hotel sector is also in vain in terms of revenue. Users' past experiences and opinions help boost their satisfaction levels by providing recommendations and retaining them. The present scenario and stats prove that the selection and decision of hotels have enormous support on user reviews. This research article tries to find and analyze the various aspects that contribute more towards the gratification levels of users in Indian top tourism city hotels listed by the Master and VISA Inc survey. This survey focuses on the item-item collaborative filtering and regression techniques based on TripAdvisor reviews of recent times. Once the dimensions are known, it helps in improving them and thus even enhances the ratings of Asian continental hotel management. This study proves that the online travel platform helps obtain reviews from users to maintain the travel recommender systems.

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recommender system, collaborative filtering, VISA, e-commerce

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