The Applied Energy Systems Enacting the Ever Green Energy for our planet Confluence of DARQ Technologies

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Published Sep 14, 2021
Rajarajan Manoharan


The objective of this diversified field research work is the rapid reduction of GHG Green House Gas Emissions in every sector for scaling down the global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius by preserving the wild nature in every one of our 867 Terrestrial eco-regions across our planet with the technological convergence of DARQ – Distributed Ledger Technologies, AI – Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum Computing Technologies.

 The implementation and improvisation of Sustainable Engineering Systems hold the matter of great importance since the Global Climate Action has been facing the dynamic challenges to restrict the global warming well below the pathway of 2 degree Celsius since a decade

  The substantial Challenges to enact the evergreen energy globally is still we have the dependency in the fossil fuel for the power generation, can be retrofitted with the hydrogen production from the solar and wind power using PEM electrolysis will be used not only as a raw material , also deployed as a long-term storage medium where the by-products of oxygen and waste heat will be integrated into the energy cycle, elimination of non-bio degradable waste, and what are all the factors which are affecting biodiversity conservation , termed as the backbone for our survival in the blooming blue planet earth.

  Aiming to overcome the substantial challenges by hailing the Microbial Ecology or Environmental Microbiology with the implementation of global energy interconnection, Energy Harvesting Technologies, hydrogen based economy, Facilitation in the creation of quantum mechanical interactions between the distant electrons which have the tremendous potential to make the revolutionary advancement in the diversified fields.

  Since AI, Energy, and Biosciences are the faculties which are all set to retrofit our planet’s infrastructure, the need of Green Energy Chain between the universities, industries, governments, and other multi-disciplinary research institutes to the launch of Fault-Tolerant Universal Quantum Computer which have encompassed the infinite scientific breakthroughs for the design of new eco-friendly materials, can be architected with the elucidation of complex physics via the accurate simulations of chemistry and condensed matter models

 The vision of this diversified field research and experimental developmental work is to architect the Quantum Artificial Intelligence based Green Power AI models for the diversified fields with the improvement of molecular scale electronics. AI models will be effective in the process of Quantum Error Correction in the NISQ and in turn Quantum effect will enrich the making of Green Power AI models with the amelioration of Green House Gas Emissions And in parallel the working efficiency of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) era devices will be improved by performing the Quantum Simulations to welcome the post-quantum cryptography products which have the huge potential of 2.3 billion dollar revenues by 2026 as per the prediction of IQT Inside Quantum Technology Research Report , New York

Electron Teleportation

Figure 1    Quantum Mechanical Interactions between the two distant electrons

 Hence the societal contribution of our diversified field research will play the pivot role in the revolutionary advances in materials science and latest innovation in e-textiles, flexible electronics, 4D Printing where the Labs has been keen in enacting the evergreen globally by the creation of self-sustainable sensor platform for environmental monitoring in launching the Smart Cities to preserve our biosphere which is the sum of all ecosystems in our planet



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