Role and Improvements of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Energy Sector

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Published Sep 14, 2021
Viswanathan Ganesh
Ajay Krishna S.Senthilmurugan


The field of battery and energy storage has seen a significant growth in the past five decades through the invention of Lithium Ion cells and their potential for storing excess energy for back up purposes. [1] This paper would focus on the development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and the implementation of BESS in the field of energy storage in microgrid in peak shaving algorithm , load shedding etc. This paper also provides an introduction to modelling of battery charge controller and power conditioning component for successful integration of BESS into microgrid for maintaining the fundamental requirements such as nominal frequency, voltage, low harmonics and comparatively lower negative sequence from the BESS. [2-4] On the other hand the paper would provide the methodology and simulated results of various scenarios considering the renewable energy , BESS and grid for automated load management. The paper provides a comparative result of absence of BESS in a microgrid and the effect in presence of BESS for a microgrid and peak demand reduction on the grid. [5-7]

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Battery Technology, Battery Energy Storage System, Power Conversion Technology, Power Control Centre

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SED: Energy Conversion & Storage