Design and Development of Pt-Sn/C based Electrocatalytic Sensor using Micro DMFC technology

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Published Sep 8, 2021


In this paper, a MEMS-based micro DMFC structure of 1cm2 is proposed. It was fabricated using 3D printing technology. Pt-Sn/C was identified as the novel catalyst in DMFC technology which offers good current density. Pt-Sn/C was synthesized by the microwave-assisted chemical route and the nanoparticle of the same was derived. The MEA with the electrolyzer of Nafion membrane was fabricated with the acting anode medium of Pt-Sn/C and the cathode catalyst of pure Pt. The MEA of 1 cm2 was attached with the DMFC cell and the experimentation was carried out for the methanol of different concentrations. Methanol vapour was allowed for the anodic oxidation at Pt-Sn/C where the air was pumped at the cathodic end for the reduction reaction. The produced current was amplified and the sensor’s minimal detection ability of methanol was tested and results are presented.

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SOUNDRAPANDIAN, M., CHITTUR KRISHNASWAMY, S., & R, S. (2021). Design and Development of Pt-Sn/C based Electrocatalytic Sensor using Micro DMFC technology. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from
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