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Published Aug 9, 2021
B.Thyla Bhuvanesh G Jacob Novan Nelson A2 Abishek M


The implementation of health monitoring technology in the stretcher can help to improve the quality of health management in India. Health is one of the global challenges for humanity especially in the countries with overpopulation. The main idea here is to provide a smart system that measures the vital signs of the unconscious person so that the health care professionals can monitor the person. PIC micro controller is the device used for information processing which collectively obtains the respiratory rate, heartbeat, temperature, and the blood pressure rate of the patient which is directly updated to the hospital server via IOT. This further updates the biometric details of the patient to the police station about the accident.

This system is developed by using affordable technology and merging different functions to offer a proper solution. The aim of the system is to save many human lives by preparing intense care unit in hospital, as their physical parameters are updated to the hospital before their arrival to the hospital[1-6]

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B.Thyla, Bhuvanesh G, Jacob Novan Nelson A2, & Abishek M. (2021). SMART STRETCHER FOR MEASURING VITAL SIGNS OF UNCONSCIOUS PERSONS. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from
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