Study of awareness about immunity and immunity boosters against Covid-19 in the general population of various age groups

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Published Aug 19, 2021
Prachi Thukral Ruchita Chowdhury Vishal Chaudhary
Akash Gautam


Background: The whole world is under a crisis due to coronavirus disease (Covid-19) since
Dec 2019. Various preventive tools have been adopted worldwide due to the lack of strong
preventive measures (such as vaccines) and treating drugs. One of the major tools which
attracted global consciousness is immunity boosting. It was observed that most of the
population is conscious about their health, and they tend to follow various methods to
increase their immunity during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been globally suggested that
strong immunity is the best way to protect ourselves from the virus. However, the general
perception suffers from a lack of knowledge in immunity-boosting techniques and timelines.
It has been observed that a general perception has built that immunity can be developed
instantly by adopting boosting measures. Hence immunity becomes one of the trending
topics, and lots of commercials have been launched which falsely promise to be immunityboosting. As well there are reports of over usage of immunity boosters by masses without
expert consultation. With this motivation, we have conducted a questionnaire-based study to
evaluate the actual awareness of people about immunity and immunity-boosting mechanisms.
We examined 606 Indian participants of different age groups for their conception and
adoption-related to immunity boosters.
Results: We used a methodical-iterative technique to figure out the main themes in the
recorded examined data. A qualitative analysis of the examined data reveals that 87.9 % of
participants were using boosters, and 26.8 % think that immunity can be developed instantly.
The majority of the participants seek ancient Indian techniques to boost immunity like herbs,
spices, yoga, etc.
Conclusion: The data examination emphasized the idiographic convolutions in
understanding the extensive range of essential factors on these examined people on immunity
perception. The lack of knowledge about immunity leads to overconsumption of supplements
and generates a false hope of protection against Covid-19 among the population. People
nowadays are a lot more enthusiastic about increasing their immunity to protect themselves
and their loved ones. Stress-related problems have plagued a significant chunk of the
participants, which has been one of the major reasons for deteriorating immunity. People
have been looking for quick fixes for their stress-related issues in medicines instead of
correcting their unhealthy lifestyle.

Opinion and Prospect: To verify our findings, we have verified the findings with experts in
different immunity-boosting fields. Our results are in accordance with expert's opinions,
which verify the authenticity of our examination. It reveals that the general public is aware
that strong immunity is a key to fight any disease. However, more emphasis is required on
fake immunity-boosting promises and careful adoption of immunity-boosting tools with the
consultation of experts. A general protocol with dedicated guidelines has to be made to
monitor the immunity booster market.


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COVID-19, Immunity, healthcare, awareness, false marketing

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