An overview of Spoof Detection in ASV Systems

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Published Aug 22, 2021
Swathika Swathika Ravindran


In current years, voice based application are used broadly in varied applications for speaker recognition. Presently, there is a wide specialize in the analysis of spoofing and anti-spoofing for Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV) system. The current advancement within the ASV system ends up interest to secure these voice biometric systems for existent world applications. This paper provides the literature of spoofing detection, novel acoustic feature representations, deep learning, end-to-end systems, etc. moreover, it conjointly summaries previous studies of spoofing attacks with stress on SS, VC, and replay alongside recent efforts to develop countermeasures for spoof speech detection and speech sound disorder tasks.

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Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV), Feature Extraction, Spoofing Attacks, ASV Systems, Spoof detection.

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