A Novel Electrospun PU@CuS Hybrid Nanofiber Composite: Synthesis and Morphology Characterization A Novel Electrospun PU@CuS Hybrid Nanofiber Composite

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Published Aug 23, 2021
MANJUNATHA C Sudeep M Sham Aan M P Ujwal Shreenag Meda


Till date, materials researchers are facing the major challenge for effective processing of nanocomposites with polymeric matrix with satisfactory dispersion of the nanometric phase, as well as a suitable interface between the polymer phase and the nanoparticle. Polyurthane (PU), being most commercialized polymer finding its place in various engineering application such as mechanical, electronic, and biomedical  field  and found to be more useful in combination with inorganic nanoparticles.  In this study we report the development and characterization of nano CuS embedded polyurethane fiber composite. The PU nanofibers were electrospun by optimizing the parameters namely, applied electric potential, concentration, flow rate. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of the PU nanofibres electrospun at 13kV, 1ml/h and 10wt% showed appearance of uniform mat having a fiber diameter of 175 nm. CuS nanoparticles were synthesized by hydrothermal method employing three types of surfactants. The effect of polar and non polar solvent on particle size and morphology has also been investigated. Further, the CuS embedded PU/CuS nanofiber composite was developed by electrospinning.

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C, M., M, S. ., M P, S. A. ., & Meda, U. S. . (2021). A Novel Electrospun PU@CuS Hybrid Nanofiber Composite: Synthesis and Morphology Characterization: A Novel Electrospun PU@CuS Hybrid Nanofiber Composite. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from https://spast.org/techrep/article/view/81
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Electrospinning; Hydrothermal; CuS; Polyurethane; Nanofibers; Hybrid composite

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