The Online Retail Market Analysis for Social Development with Machine Learning

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Published Jul 18, 2021
Manjushree Nayak Bhavana Narain


Present era is a digital era where retail marketing & online marketing plays an important role in people living style. Filling the gap between customer &market is a technological responsibility of technocrat’s. In our work we have collected online data and retail data of last 5 years. These data were collected from two major organizations which deal with online marketing and retail marketing. Techniques from unsupervised data type were implemented to analyze the collected data. Knowledge gain from this analysis is used for marketing upliftment & social development. New modified K mean clustering Algorithm (NMKMCA) is used for data analysis. Accuracy result of retail marketing& online marketing is compared in our work. We have taken I/O time and computational time as our working parameters. Result of this parameters are analyzed & discussed in our work. In last section of our work we find that NMKMCA will take less time in computing very large dataset.

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marketing, clustering Algorithm, online marketing

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