Colour and odour based evaluation of fruits using IOT

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Published Jul 18, 2021
Shridhar Mankar Dr. B U. Sonawne


Mostly the process of selecting the fruits in their best ripen state is done manually and so it is much time consuming and prone to errors. So this paper proposes an IoT based approach for mimicking the behaviour of customer while selecting a fruit in automated manner using TCS3200 Colour Sensor and MQ-4 Gas Sensor. Customers while selecting fruits firstly observe the colour. Secondly customers try to sense the odour of a fruit and then they buy it. Similarly here in this proposed approach firstly the colour of fruit is detected by TCS3200 Colour Sensor and then the Odour of fruit is Detected by MQ-4 Gas Sensor after that only the fruit is approved.

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IOT, TCS3200 sensor, mq4 sensor, fruits sorting

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