Investigating Vietnamese Culture through Communication and the art of Language

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Published Jul 18, 2021


Abstract: In recent times, with rapid economic development and close interaction between nations due to globalization, the national culture has become the centre stage for connected society research.  In the current years, the Vietnamese Government’s policy realized and confirmed the importance of the culture in the human’s development index. Thus, pursuing the vision “to build an advanced culture deeply infused with national identity” for the Vietnamese. The current paper analyzes some special points of the Vietnamese cultural foundations to provide the readers an insight of the small, but beautiful country.

The word “culture” has many meanings. In Vietnam, culture is used in a common sense to show the educational status and lifestyle; in a specialized sense to indicate the stage of development of the society. While broadly defined, culture encompasses everything, from sophisticated modern products to beliefs, customs, lifestyles, and kind of employment. With this broad understanding that culture is the real object of culture studies.

Vietnamese society is the amalgamation of the following composites ―agricultural society is the back bone; preservation and restoration of ecology is a traditional way of life; family values based on emotions and respect for the women is the vietnamese second nature; lack of religious tension in Vitenam has led to Vietnamese to be more adaptive to change. These aspects make Vietnam a perfect destination for a tourism driven economy. At same time the influence of traditional way of life driven towards respect for nature can go a long way realizing the Sustainable development goals laid down by the UN.

Vietnamese Language is the mirror that expresses the Vietnam's national identity and the culture, as well as daily behavior. The readers et al, may find some interesting points in the Vietnamese culture through reading and understanding. But it is vital to not to forget the fact that culture and civilization are two different concepts. Vietnam has been moving quickly towards the path of the preservation of its culture as well as civilization and integration with the global economy.

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