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Published Sep 14, 2021
Udit Mamodiya


Health is essential for everyone. This is web based portal helping people to get access to the hospital, blood bank,first-aid and other diagnosis facility like x ray, mri scan etc.This web portal also helps with the location of the hospitals and pharmacy .Health is very important to every human being. The procedure for looking to the patients also consume lot of time and the patients come with small problems that can be sorted at lass effort.

This web portal is accessible for the people of Ghaziabad.  This paper is about the Web portal which can give overall help to the people with wandering here and there. The web portal has three basic parts that of patient registration, treatment  and Diagnosis .


Health is the most important aspect of our life. The bitter truth is that now a days the most of the people are having at least one or the another disease. There are too many patients and the need of experts is always at high demand.The surveys shows there are 1:1000 that is on every one doctor there are 1000 patients. It tough to find the experts at such high demand. Computer technology has revolutionised the approach of man kind. One field is most impacted that is healthcare. It has brought changes in the ways people approach the health care. Web based systems has also changed the way of doctor approach. These system can capture the information that is not easy traditional ways.the upper hand of this is experts knowledge.the webprotals maker argue that these do not make expert system effective in the traditional ways .The efficiency of the system is made by the services which make it easy for every person.


In old time the people were good with the pen paper record maintenance as they have only got one family doctor.This ways has made us to put to make  use of  digital record.  We need proper information to treat a patient effectively.the medical decision system is needed to have better approach over the health care. The health care system are helping more if there are past expertise experience to treat the patient  . Information technology have a major role  in the overall development of formal and informal ways that will impact on the management of healthcare.In most country the government is regulating it lightly but this is highly marketed sector. In these  course its tough to individual to work alone. There are some speculation or some confusion to the literature over tier three or tier two post is which must be preferred. As such there is need of argument in the literature to make and provide better solutions in health care systems.


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