Watchable Changes in Technology Due to COVID-19

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Published Sep 14, 2021
Udit Mamodiya


Right now, no matter where we exist in nature, the COVID-19 pandemic is probably demanding adjustments to our daily life. One thing which is helpful in this pandemic is “Technology”. One area where we will see its effects is on the future of technology. Technology gives solutions to overwhelm some of the hurdles given by the pandemic but in many sectors, we face difficulty because we do not have enough resources available. Like almost every region, and when the spread of this epidemic increases, then all countries start having implement lockdown in their respective countries, they start shutting down places and activities where human gatherings were occurred this includes educational institutions like universities, schools, colleges, and other places like malls, religious places, gymnasiums, offices and transportation places like Railway Stations, Bus Stands, and Airports. And as a result of the lockdown people started taking services based on the internet to interact, communicate, and for enjoyment. People continue their work and Businesses from their home. Schools, Colleges, etc started taking classes online with the help of video conferencing services like MS teams, Zoom, meet, etc. The traffic of Online platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc increases rapidly from 40% to almost 75%. And businesses like online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc have gained 40% more subscribers. In this pandemic, we saw many changes in technology and many changes will also take place in the upcoming times. The new digital technologies which transform technology such as IoT(Internet of Things), Blockchain technology, AI(Artificial Intelligence), Telemedicine, Robotics, ML(Machine Learning), and many more things developed as a part of companies transformation. Many more industries will also grow along with this like e-commerce, OTT (over the top) Platforms etc. As you know the usage of conferencing tools like audio and video increases more than ever, all the organizations over the world start focusing on the advancement in the technological infrastructure to give value in their work from home culture. The organizations focused on the increment in the investments in the technical facilities like cloud services, network tools, bandwidth extensions, and the development of softwares to help in this epidemic. The organizations start adopting work from home culture to do their work to avoid losses of the work with some exceptions. Meetings were taking place online through various meeting platforms like Microsoft teams, Google meet, Zoom etc to do their meetings online in an effective way. And these will be very effective in the future for humans to save their time, money and many more things. And along with these humans have to adopt new things and skills to be well prepared for the future. This paper will show the changes in technology due to COVID-19. This paper will also show the new technological opportunities in the world and the boom of new technology.

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