Towards End-User Development of Graphical User Interfaces for 6R Manipulator

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Published Sep 14, 2021
Anitha Kumari Sivathanu Rishabh Negi


6R manipulator is an articulated arm robot with six revolute joints and six degree of freedom. It comprises of movable chain of links, with one end of the robot fixed to the ground and an end effector on the other end that can freely move in workspace. This work comprises of developing a fully functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the user to give the coordinate for the pick and place of the object.  The user can visualize the motion of the manipulator in the GUI along with the entire coordinate travelled by the end effector to reach the destination. The GUI can be used as a generalized platform for multiple 6DOF manipulators. The joint space motion can be visualized, and its parameters can be analyzed before implementation in real hardware. The manipulator is designed based on the industry requirements using CAD and linked with GUI.

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Sivathanu, A. K., & Rishabh Negi. (2021). Towards End-User Development of Graphical User Interfaces for 6R Manipulator. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from
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