Electronic and Heat Capacity Calculation of Valence Fluctuating YbPd Single Crystal YbPd Single Crystal

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Published Sep 14, 2021


The mixed-valent intermetallic compound YbPd through ultrasonic measurements on the single-crystals has been explored [1]. In the group of intermediated valence vacillation amalgam including Yb ions, one more often than not observes phase transitions by reason of the valence state with the variation of applied magnetic field or else pressure. It is renowned that the interaction stuck between the localized f-electrons and the conduction-band electrons in this assemblage of compounds is accountable for several fascinating properties, being linked with Kondo-lattice and heavy-fermion systems. YbPd is one of the most captivating Yb-based compounds. It is a very rare and still not well implicit. The multiple phase-transformations is outstandingly fascinating from both technological and basic feature. At the same time as a great deal of experimental and theoretical consideration has determined on the succeeding transitions in YbPd. The origin of this is quiet mystifying and inexplicable. In modern years, a great deal of deliberation has been persistent on Yb compounds by the reason of an affluent selection of physical happening imitative from a mixed-valent state of Yb ion, for example heavy fermion (HF) activities, non-Fermi liquid performance, magnetism, multipolar ordering, superconductivity and charge ordering [2]. The pressure-temperature phase diagram of YbPd was made known passing through simultaneous ac-calorimetry and electrical resistivity measurements [3]. By the use of neutron diffraction techniques the magnetic structure of YbPd was resolute for a recently synthesized strain-free sample [4]. Exploration of valence ordering in the intermediate-valence magnet YbPd has been reported by Takahashi et. Al. [5]. Up to now, this compound has been deliberated merely in its polycrystalline structure with a assortment of techniques.

So as to endorse insight into the foundation of these puzzling multiple and complex phase transitions, we scrutinized the electronic and thermal properties of the YbPd in its single-crystalline form for the first time. YbPd exhibit in the cubic CsCl-type structure (Pm3m) and undertake four phase transitions at 0.5, 1.9, 105, and 125 K. The study of binary (CsCl) valence fluctuating YbPd single crystal is carried out by means of first principle calculations. YbPd is stable in CsCl-type B2 structure at normal conditions. Fundamental properties are reported. Fundamental assets for case in point interionic separation, modulus and its first derivative of pressure are accounted. The electronic calculation of this valence fluctuating YbPd single crystal reported successfully.

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Valence variation, Electronic property, Thermal properties, Electronic structure.

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