A Review on Neem oil biodiesel in Compression Ignition engines

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Published Sep 14, 2021
SWATHI BOOSALA Srikanth Satish Kumar Darapu


Depletion of fossil fuels urges human world to investigate on alternate fuels derived from edible as well as non-edible oils. Vast research is being carried out for various types of alternate fuels. This paper presents the review of one such fuel namely Neem oil. Usage of edible products in production of biodiesel may lead to food crisis in world market. Hence products which are not commercial and less used by humans were selected for biodiesel production. The review of neem oil mixed with lower viscous oil such as winter green oil was given in terms of its characteristics and performance. Emission characters for various blends of Neem biodiesel were pictorially by comparing with conventional petro diesel.

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BOOSALA, S., & Darapu, S. S. K. . (2021). A Review on Neem oil biodiesel in Compression Ignition engines. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from https://spast.org/techrep/article/view/347
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Neem oil, winter green oil, Mahau oil, performance characteristics, diesel, blending

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