Notions of Decomposition of β_G^* -Continuity Via Grills

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Published Sep 11, 2021
V. BEULAH Dr. Jessie Theodore Dr.D.Premalatha


In this paper, we have introduced betaG*-local function as betaG*,tou(A)={x in X : U intersection A in G for every U in beta open sets(X)}, where the family of semi-preopen sets  betaO(x)={U in betaO(X)  : x in U} in the grill topological space (X, τ, G).   Also, we have investigated the decomposition of betaG*-continuous map in the grill topological space.  Furthermore, the weakly betaG* -continuous map is defined and examined.

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V. BEULAH, Dr. Jessie Theodore, & Dr.D.Premalatha. (2021). Notions of Decomposition of β_G^* -Continuity Via Grills. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from
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Keywords: β_G^*-local function, grill, β-open set, β_G^* -continuous map.

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