Devanagari Characters Strings Extraction using Morphology Method of Images

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Published Sep 10, 2021
Gaurav Goel


The extraction of alphabetic characters from images has gained significant prominence in various applications and fields such as automatic text detection, handwriting recognition, cyber analysis, etc. Although, a large volume of work exists on this topic with respect to foreign languages, the research focusing on Devanagari script characters has been rather limited. The extraction of text from images itself poses challenges that are related to images which contain these texts due to the composition of images which can be composed of the characters themselves and significant clutter in the background viz. noise, photo, textures, gradients or painting etc. In this paper, we employ text extraction method based on highly popular connected components technique for the purpose of extracting Devanagari text from natural scene images by employing morphological operations. The method employed is vigorous pertaining to font size and colour. The outcomes of the algorithm employed in this paper demonstrate that this method extracts the image text in a very effectual way.

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