Solar Powered Agriculture Robot with Multiple Operations and Live Monitoring

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Published Sep 9, 2021


Agriculture plays vital role in Indian economy. Indian Agriculture sector accounts 18 percent of India's gross domestic product and provides employment to 50% to 60% of the countries workforce. The major issues which are faced by the farmers while working on field are water scarcity and high costs expected by labour. These major issues can be solved using Agriculture robot with smart automated irrigation system and having a power full system which can perform several tasks to reduce the labour cost and provide a better efficiency.

The objective behind the project is to design a robotic vehicle which acts as a smart-phone controlled multipurpose robot. Power supply to robot is given by rechargeable battery which is charged by solar panel attached to robot. This Robots performs task such as grass cutting, Pesticide spraying and Seed sowing controlling of these tasks through Raspberry pi 3 controller. Development of web page to provide easy access to variety of options via dedicated Web page and live monitoring of the field and atmosphere through blynk mobile application.

Setup a raspbian operating system in a micro SD card and insert it to raspberry pi 3 module. Give a power supply to micro controller and connect it to monitor display to work in raspberry pi operating system. Further in command prompt install ask to interface python code with web page which is developed using html and css to control movement of the robot remotely. This raspberry pi is externally connected to five relays through GPIO pins with the help of jumper wires. In turn this relays control the DC motors to perform different tasks. Blynk application is used for live monitoring of field atmosphere and alert user in sudden change of climate. Different options will also be available on the app display, with a live monitoring of soil content and weather with time.

The prototype of agriculture robot which is connected with various components to perform different tasks is constructed. Development of web page which controls the robot remotely and blynk app is interfaced with sensors to monitor weather and soil content of agriculture field.

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