A Novel Approach to Monitor Garbage System by using LoRa Technology

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Published Sep 9, 2021


With the steady expansion of population, waste management, particularly in nations with large population rates, is becoming the worst worry globally. Excess rubbish in the disposal area or waste in the dustbin overflowing might cause many ailments in the surrounding community [1-2]. In this article, we suggested an IoT-LoRA based smart garbage monitoring and clearing alarm system in which a buzzer will be used to indicate the garbage level of the bin at that time. It gives an impression to the public as the bin is full and that no more waste should be added to it. The sensor in the bin monitors the level of the waste once the waste is disposed of [3-4]. If the waste level meets the maximum level of capacity, a warning is sent to the municipality, and if the waste is not crossed but cleared for more than two days, a clearance warning is also issued. LoRa nodes play a significant role in transferring information via gateways from bin to central IoT monitoring. LoRa nodes are easy to maintain, comfortable, and costly, but they also exist for no more days with minimal care. The entire process reduces the human monitoring work. The solution presented is designed to assist in the potential hazardous dangers of dumping yards and trash management. We have also suggested a technological solution for the construction of a basic hardware and software monitoring system. The below figure 1, shows the architecture of the entire smart garbage system working operation starting from collecting data from the receiver at smart bin stage to receiving the data through the cloud, LoRa Gateway and displaying the status of bins on the monitor

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LoRa, Waste Collection Monitoring, LoRa node, IoT, Gateway, Ubidots.

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