Does Packaging affect consumers preference during the purchase of chocolate?

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Published Sep 8, 2021
Vaishnavi CK Dr. Lenna Fukey Sahana Reddy


The reason behind conducting the research is to understand the consumer thought process while
purchasing chocolate and while looking at the packaging of the chocolate. And to evaluate how
packaging of a chocolate influences a consumer at the point of purchase. It is important to
conduct this research, in order to be able to deliver the product (chocolate) in a more efficient
and an effective way to the consumers or the buyers [1]. Through this research the producer is
able to understand what factors on the packaging impacts the customer during the purchase of
the chocolate. It gives a deeper understanding on the elements of packaging which are the
colour, shape and size, labelling and material and how these factors impact the mind of the
consumer [2]. The objective of this research is to understand the influence of elements of
packaging on the purchasing behaviour of the consumers. The researchers have established a
hypothesis of a positive relationship on the influence of elements of packaging on the
purchasing behaviour of the consumers
The problems that could be faced at the time of research would be, to reach out to the right set
of consumers and to understand if every element of the packaging effects the decision-making
process. And to see if the brand of the chocolate affects the purchasing decision rather than the
packaging elements. The fact that these elements of packaging are only noticed when the
brands are unfamiliar and the elements of packaging affect the consumer in a subconscious
level. And they don’t really realize they are influenced by these factors until and unless it hits
the conscious mind. Through this research, the researcher would like to get a better
understanding on how conscious mind at the time of purchase influences the customers in
noticing the packaging elements and brings the subconscious level to the conscious level [3].
The researcher would be achieving this by talking to the consumers or chocolate buyers through
questionnaires and analyse their response by using SPSS software to derive meaningful
answers. SPSS allows automatic set up and imports the variable names, variable types, titles
and value labels, making the process much easier on the researcher, more over once the survey
data is exported statistical opportunities are endless for the researcher.[4]
There is very less research that is made on how the elements of packaging (i.e., colour, shape,
size, labelling and material) can help the consumer in making his purchase decision. Through
this research a deeper understanding about the elements of packaging can be achieved and how
each of the elements play a role in the packing of chocolate [5]. The ultimate goal of this
research is to understand the packaging elements, affecting the decision-making process of the
consumers. Brands will have a deeper understanding on consumer behaviour (with respect to packaging) at the point of contact with the product which motivates the consumer to
Through this research we can not only understand about consumer behaviour with packaging
but also find out the impact of packaging material on the environment. Increasingly brands and
consumers are looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging choices. Sustainable
chocolate packaging options have posed a challenge to chocolate and confectionary producers
for a while. While paper can seem an ideal option it’s not so simple for producers who have
marked their products as a rich, decadent and premium product. An important aspect that must
be considered here is the safe packaging material as it comes in contact with the food directly.
Another aspect that can be considered here is usage of less material, to avoid wasteful
packaging. We can get the understanding on how the packaging is interfering with the
environment and come out with possible answers on how to make packaging and environment
go hand in hand. Through this research we look for a way to make sustainable packaging a the
new normal.[7] 

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Chocolate, Elements of chocolate packaging, Consumer behavior, Decision making, Sustainable packaging

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SF1: Societies, Sustainability, Food and Agriculture