Examining the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in improving business operations in companies

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Published Sep 2, 2021
Ashish Kumar Pandey Raghvendra Kumar Singh
Dr. G. S. Jayesh Neha Khare SHASHI KANT GUPTA


The aim of this research is to identify how ERP system can effectively improvise business operations of business organizations. Besides, this research will also identify issues and challenges regarding implementation of ERP system and will provide recommendation (strategies) to deal with those issues. The objectives are as follows: the business operations improvised with respect to organization or company, to share knowledge about the ERP system and its concept including its usages, to identify impact of ERP system on different operations of business organizations, to analyze risks and challenges of implementing ERP system in business organizations, and to recommend strategies to successfully implement ERP system in a workplace.

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Pandey, A. K., Singh, R. K. ., Jayesh, D. G. S. ., Khare, N., & GUPTA, S. K. (2021). Examining the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in improving business operations in companies. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from https://spast.org/techrep/article/view/172
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Enterprise Resource Planning, Material Requirement Planning, MNCs, SMEs

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