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Published Sep 8, 2021
Rubia Gandhi R R


Renewable energy sources are ever blooming sources for the energy generation in the world. Some of the regions in our country can manage extremely mere power production with this renewable sources. In the world energy production, renewable energy installed capacity occupies 586.42 GW. In that India it has been 35.06 GW. The investments on solar energy generation are continuously increasingly irrespective of the installation and maintenance cost. The energy generated from the solar is enhanced by using the DC-to-DC Converters and DC to AC Converters. Most of the grid tied system are running with the DC-to-DC converters and DC to AC Converters. The two stages of power conversions need to be carried out in all the system. This paper focusses on hybrid converter for both AC and DC Conversion which enhances the system efficiency much higher and reduces the cost for including separate Inverter for most of the applications. The DC converter voltage, current, voltage gain and output voltage, output current of the inverter are compared in this paper.

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R R, R. G. (2021). HYBRID CONVERTER FOR STANDALONE SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM. SPAST Abstracts, 1(01). Retrieved from https://spast.org/techrep/article/view/161
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Hybrid converter

SED: Energy Conversion & Storage