Application of Augmented Reality Technology for home healthcare product Visualization

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Published Sep 2, 2021
ashwini k b


A user manual is a document which is intended to guide the user about the product usage and its detailed safety precautions. This information regarding the product is in the form of a printed medium which is referred by the user while using the product. The difficulty in understanding home healthcare products in user manuals led to an ides of conceptualizing the user manual into a digital platform and provides better understanding experience to the product users. In order to achieve this, exact 3D model of the product is required. Animation has to be applied to exactly match the real-time working and usage of the model. The existence of a strong technological innovation like Augmented Reality (AR) which blends virtual and real world by making use of computer visual based recognition algorithms to enhance sound, video, graphics, and other sensory inputs embedded within an application is used. The paper presents the innovative concept pulse oximeter, which will be shown as an augmented user guide for the product. The prospects of custom AR manual is really interminable

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