Block chain and the Internet of Things in Healthcare Applications NA

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Published Sep 8, 2021
Ramachandran G


Healthcare is that the most prominent field suitable for the applications of machine learning and massive data on health care data. The implementations of health care with big data and machine learning is increased with the client health requirements. The electronic health record applications are being increased during this current situation, which is required to be focused on utilizing the information generated by those applications. there's an oversized volume of information in health care that's associated with different health care domains especially neuro and cardiac. These data need a special focus and therefore the architectures currently that specialize in these domains needs to implement the most recent technologies to predict some patterns. during this article, the implementation of various health care architecture is focussed, which uses live data gathered from different sources over the world. during this article, machine learning approaches and therefore the big data framework are combined to style a prediction model and data handling techniques

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Administration, Healthcare, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Block Chain

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