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Published Aug 23, 2021
R Karthikeyan R R Sridhar Panneer Selvam R Jiniraj


The landing gear is one of the critical components in aircraft and it is known that the
majority of aircraft accidents happen due to failure of landing gear and also it is a complex
dynamic system of several degrees of freedom.Accordingly for safety reasons the root
causes of these failures must be well identified in order to avoid future accidents. Stress
analysis is one of the important work in finding structural safety and integrity of a structure. In
this work, initially the main landing gear strength calculation based on ultimate loads is
carried out analytically. The stress failure exist in the intermediate zone between the support
bearing of the wheels and the clamping of the axle to the nose of the aircraft. with the aim of
determining the causes of the failure, a material analysis was performed The margin of
safety for both major components such as axle, piston, cylinder, yoke as well as minor
components such as toggle link, toggle fork, stub fork, bolts is determined. In FEA analysis
the geometric model of MLG designed in CATIA is imported into Hyper Mesh. The model is
meshed using tetrahedron element in Hyper Mesh. Also the line model is created from
geometrical model and meshed in Hyper Mesh using 3D beam elements as mentioned in
Fig.1. The stress analysis is carried out in Abacus. The displacement analysis done under
different loading conditions as in table 1 to 3. Both analytical and FEA results for stresses
are compared and it is find out that the factor by which the FEA and analytical results are
varying. The margin of safety calculated by analytical work based on ultimate loads gives
positive values as expected. The landing gear strength calculations by both analytical and
FEA shows the maximum stress for different load conditions based on ultimate loads are
well within the ultimate strength of that material mentioned in fig.2. It may encounter various
vibration modes due to design features or frictional characteristics of brake.

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landing gear, FEA analysis, margin of safety, von-Mises stress

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