Modelling of Zenneck Wave Transmission System in Super High Frequency spectrum


  • Dipra Paul Leading University Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • Sai Kiran Oruganti JXUST, Ganzhou China
  • Ajit Khosla Department of Mechanical System Engineering, Yamagata University Japan


Zenneck Waves, Electromagnetics, Wireless Power Transfer


Zenneck wave (ZW) have shown potential to address the Faraday shielding losses offered by metallic components to the wireless systems in the industrial environments. Understanding ZW properties becomes particularly important in the super high frequency (SHF) spectrum, for their applications to Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). In the past we had shown that ZW’s transmit power to multiple receivers for a range of 1.5 times the wavelength in the high frequency (HF) spectrum. The range of ZW’s in the SHF spectrum becomes an important aspect for their applications to 1-3GHz and 5GHz technologies. In this study we gain important insights into the ZW behaviour through finite element methods numerical simulation. The study would be helpful for researchers and practicing engineers in developing wireless solutions for IIoT.


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