The SPAST members have been classified as follows:
1. Member: Are the Faculties, Employees, Post-doctoral fellows with affiliation to a University,
Institute or School.
2. Student Member: Are the Students with affiliation to a University, Institute or School.
3. Industry Member: Are the Employees of an Industrial organization, corporation, firm or
4. Skill Member: Are the people who seek to acquire new skillset under the skill training,
workshop programme. This classification is also applicable for individuals who do not have an
affiliation to any organization/industry/institute/university.
S.1.1. Procedure for Membership
All individuals seeking membership classes 1-3, must provide coloured digital copy of the authentic
identification card issues by their respective organization along with their completed application form.
For class-4, the individuals seeking skill membership there exists no such requirements. However,
authentic driver’s licence or voter card or Social identity card is necessary along with the completed
application form.
S.1.2. Membership fees
For year 2020-2021 yearly non-refundable fees structure adopted by the Executive Board, for all
classes of members is mentioned below:
1. Member- 2000 INR or 250 RMB or 30 USD
2. Student Member-1000 INR or 150 RMB or 15 USD
3. Industry Member- 7500 INR or 700 RMB or 100 USD
4. Skill Member- 1000 INR or 150 RMB or 15 USD.
S.1.3. Benefits and Limitation of each class of membership
For year 2020-2021 the membership benefits and limitations adopted by the Executive Board are as
Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences and
Student Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences
and workshops.
Industry Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences
and workshops.
Skill Member: Is not eligible for partial fee waiver for open-access fees for Journals and conferences.
However, is eligible for partial fee waiver and certificates for Workshops, tutorials.
Additionally, the Members and Student members are eligible to participate in annual research grant
competition (details covered in item S.2.)

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): May 2021 Issue

The second running issue of SPAST Express, ends on 15th May 2021

The articles appear in the following category

1. Preprints, these are articles which have passed editorial round and are under review. Preprints are research papers shared before peer review providing-rapid credit, visibility & feedback. When authors post a preprint with their research results, they can firmly stake a claim to the work they’ve done.

2. Reviews & Perspectives: Provides short perspectives and detailed review articles, open research questions and insights into the industry's philosophy. These articles are not original research and based on the informed opinion of the author(s).

3. Technical Reports, are technically valid articles which focus on followup, methods, and reports. May contain data, design criteria, procedures, literature reviews, research history, detailed tables, illustrations/images, explanation of approaches that were unsuccessful. May be published before the corresponding journal literature; may have more or different details than its subsequent journal article. May contain less background information since the sponsor already knows it. 

4.Research Articles, original research articles providing significant improvement in the field. A research article reports the results of original research, assesses its contribution to the body of knowledge in a given area, and is published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. 

Published: 2021-04-01

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