About the Journal

SPAST  was founded by a global group of Scientists and Engineers  driven by the passion for cultivating quality research practices.  SPAST's philosophy is based on the fact that research is funded by public taxpayer money. However, the subscription based model of journals restricts the funder(public) from reaping  the returns on investment. Therefore, we fully endorse and support the open access(OA) model of research publications. Anyone with an internet would be able to access the research articles.

Limited Articles Per Issue.

However, the pitfall is the misuse of OA system, which gave rise to numerous predatory journals.  To counter this pitfall, SPAST's executive board and editorial board  have adopted the policy of limiting the number of articles per issue.

Annual research grants are offered by SPAST OARS through a three-round competition to the individuals/principal investigator of the winning research group. For more details please read Journal’s charter, bylaws and constitution here. For more details, please feel free to write to us at office@spast.org

Article Categories

SPAST express has the following categories of articles:

  1. Research Articles [RA]- Original research experimental and or simulations, Case studies, sample studies etc. These articles should strictly adhere to double column and 4 pages.
  2. Reviews /Perspectives [RP]- Full review articles with an upper limit of 12 pages and perspectives with an upper limit of 8 pages. All articles are double columns.
  3. Technical Reports [TR]- Technically sound articles with proper simulation and experiments would fall in this category. In this category, negative or positive results are acceptable. Replication studies will receive a special attention in this category. Independent replication of results claimed in already published articles is critical for Science. Through Technical Reports we offer a platform to our research community to report reproducibility studies. We expect the authors to stick with double column 6-page upper limit. TR will be given a value equal to RA by SPAST OARS during our annual research grants competition.
  4. Letter to the Editor: A single page letter to the editor is accepted. Such a letter would consist of a scientific and logical criticism of any article appearing on SPAST.


We are Neliti Indexed Journal: https://www.neliti.com/