Journal's Charter Bylaws and Constitution

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SPAST Constitution and Bylaws



First published in September 2020.                                To be Updated: October 2020-October 2021

Adopted by the Board of Directors of VT LLP on 21-09-2020.

The SPAST Constitution and Bylaws shall be regularly updated by the Executive Board in collaboration with the VT LLP.




Constitution. 3

ARTICLE I - Name, Purpose and Territory. 3

ARTICLE-II: Bylaws. 3

ARTICLE III – Membership. 4

ARTICLE IV - Dues and Fees. 4

ARTICLE V – Groups of Members. 4

BYLAWS of the SPAST and VT LLP.. 5

S.1. Membership. 5

S.1.0. Classification. 5

S.1.1. Procedure for Membership. 5

S.1.2. Membership fees. 5

S.1.3. Benefits and Limitation of each class of membership. 5

S.2. Annual Research Grant Award and Competition. 6

S.2.1. For Members. 6

S.2.2. Dates, Schedules and Deadlines. 6

S.2.3. Rounds. 6

S.2.3. Awards and Honours. 6

S.3. Audit Policies and Editorial Welfare. 7

Benefits the Editorial Board Members can avail 7

Conference/Workshop Monetary and Non-Monetary Honorarium.. 7

S.4. Partnership Activities, Partnered Services and Educational Workshops. 8






ARTICLE I - Name, Purpose and Territory

Sec. 1. The name of the corporation is SPAST Open Access system of Journals owned by the VT LLP. From here onwards referred to as SPAST and VT as and when required.

Sec. 2. Its purposes are: (a) scientific and educational, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Management; means to these ends include, but are not limited to, the holding of meetings for the presentation and discussion of professional papers, the publication and circulation of works of literature, science and art pertaining thereto and any other activities necessary, suitable and proper for the fulfillment of these objectives; (b) professional, directed toward the advancement of the standing of the members of the professions it serves; means to this end include, but are not limited to, the conduct and publication of surveys and reports on matters of professional concern to the members of such professions, collaboration with public bodies and with other societies for the benefit of the engineering professions as a whole and the general public, and the promotion of ethical conduct. The SPAST and VT shall not engage in collective bargaining on such matters as salaries, wages, benefits, and working conditions, customarily dealt with by labor unions. The SPAST and VT shall venture to enrich the human way of life through the constructive application of research and scientific methods. It shall enterprise to motivate every individual, community, societies to understand the benefits and implementation of research/and scientific methods.

Sec. 3. The character of its scope is transnational and the territory in which its operations are to be conducted is the entire world. In addition to its worldwide operations, SPAST and VT may engage in activities directed to the interests and needs of members residing in a particular country or area of the world. The procedure for undertaking such activities shall be specified in the Bylaws.



Sec. 1. Bylaws shall be established as hereinafter set forth, for the purposes of governing the operations and administration of the SPAST. The term "Bylaws" as used in this Constitution refers only to SPAST Bylaws.

Sec. 2. Proposed Bylaw changes and reasons therefore shall be sent to all SPAST and VT Directors & Deputies (from now onwards shall be referred to as Executive Board), at least 15 days before the stipulated meeting of the Executive Board at which the vote shall be taken. The votes of two-thirds of the members of the Executive Board present and entitled to vote, at the time of the vote, provided a quorum is present, shall be required to approve any new Bylaw, amendment or revocation. The Executive Board would consist for now two directors and one deputy. The composition of the Executive Board shall always comprise of odd number of members. The results of the Voting shall only be communicated to the relevant parties on whom the Executive Board decisions are applicable.

Sec. 3. All matters pertaining to the functioning of the SPAST- Editorial board, editorial staff, instructors are governed by the Executive Board.

Sec.4. For decision making, amendments and voting, the Executive Board shall rely on the recommendations made by the Editorial board, editorial staff and instructors. The final decision authority lies with the Executive Board alone.

Sec.5. Any decisions made by the Executive Board, which have taken into consideration the external or internal expert panel is defined as the Proper-channel.




ARTICLE III – Membership


Sec. 1. The grades of membership of the SPAST, the member qualifications, privileges and the requirements for admission, transfer and severance pertaining to each grade shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Sec. 2. The term "member" when printed without an initial capital, where used in this Constitution, includes all grades of membership.

Sec. 3. The “members” do not have voting or decision-making rights in the Executive Board as covered in the bylaws.


ARTICLE IV - Dues and Fees

Sec. 1. Dues and fees shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Sec. 2. Under exceptional circumstances, the payment of dues and fees may be deferred or waived in whole or in part by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE V – Groups of Members

Sec. 1. The Executive Board may authorize the establishment of groups of members for promoting the objectives and interests of the SPAST. The Executive Board may terminate the existence of any such group through voting. The Bylaws shall provide for specifications and operating rules for any groups that may be established. The sec.2, of Article II applied to the decision and outcome process.





S.1. Membership

S.1.0. Classification

The SPAST members have been classified as follows:

  1. Member: Are the Faculties, Employees, Post-doctoral fellows with affiliation to a University, Institute or School.
  2. Student Member: Are the Students with affiliation to a University, Institute or School.
  3. Industry Member: Are the Employees of an Industrial organization, corporation, firm or company.
  4. Skill Member: Are the people who seek to acquire new skillset under the skill training, workshop programme. This classification is also applicable for individuals who do not have an affiliation to any organization/industry/institute/university.

S.1.1. Procedure for Membership

All individuals seeking membership classes 1-3, must provide coloured digital copy of the authentic identification card issues by their respective organization along with their completed application form.

For class-4, the individuals seeking skill membership there exists no such requirements. However, authentic driver’s licence or voter card or Social identity card is necessary along with the completed application form.

S.1.2. Membership fees

For year 2020-2021 yearly non-refundable fees structure adopted by the Executive Board, for all classes of members is mentioned below:

  1. Member- 2000 INR or 250 RMB or 30 USD
  2. Student Member-1000 INR or 150 RMB or 15 USD
  3. Industry Member- 7500 INR or 700 RMB or 100 USD
  4. Skill Member- 1000 INR or 150 RMB or 15 USD.

S.1.3. Benefits and Limitation of each class of membership

For year 2020-2021 the membership benefits and limitations adopted by the Executive Board are as follows.

Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences and workshops.

Student Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences and workshops.

Industry Member: Is eligible for partial fee waiver for the open-access fees for Journals, conferences and workshops.

Skill Member: Is not eligible for partial fee waiver for open-access fees for Journals and conferences. However, is eligible for partial fee waiver and certificates for Workshops, tutorials.

Additionally, the Members and Student members are eligible to participate in annual research grant competition (details covered in item S.2.)



S.2. Annual Research Grant Award and Competition

SPAST and VT will conduct a highly competitive annual research grant competition for research groups based on a rigorous three round review process. The review process shall be governed by the Executive Board, which shall be in -turn based on the recommendations and evaluations made by the Grant Jury. The five members of the grant Jury shall consist of two individuals from the Industry, two from the academia and one from the R&D institute.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to identify and invite the members for the Grant Jury. There is no restriction on the number of grants being offered. However, Executive Board reserves the sole right to decide on the number of grants being offered or to cancel the yearly grant altogether, if none of the research groups have been able to show a promising potential.

S.2.1. For Members

The members of SPAST are eligible to 50% fee waiver for the participation fees of the annual grant award. The non-refundable fees for each application are fixed at 500 INR or 55 RMB or 8 USD. Each research group or Principal investigator can submit multiple grant competition applications as long as there is no overlap between/among the proposals.

For Non-Members

The Non-members are not eligible to fee waiver for the competition application.


S.2.2. Dates, Schedules and Deadlines

The dates, deadlines and schedules shall be announced on the SPAST website and all the members and authors of SPAST shall be communicated through official email and SPAST’s official social media platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

S.2.3. Rounds

The three rounds of the competition are defined as follows [the Executive Board may notify minor changes through proper-channel -defined in Sec.5. of Article II-Bylaws]:

  1. Round One: Registration and Initial online application submission. Lasting for a period of 30 days.
  2. Round Two: Evaluation of the received proposals, track record, initial experimental and simulation results. This round shall last for 30 days.
  3. Round Three: Shortlisted Principal investigators (PI) and research groups for formal interview. Lasting for 10 days.

S.2.3. Awards and Honours

The Results shall be declared within one week of round three. All the details of the number of the participant, shortlisted teams will be published online.  The grant would be released in one or two stages as decided by the Executive Board’s based on the interaction with the PI.

In case the Executive Board finds no suitable grant competitors, then there would be another round of evaluation.

All shortlisted candidates would be issued a certificate of appreciation on behalf of SPAST and VT. The winner of the grant would be given a special certificate of merit other than grant money. Each student of the winning team would be given special publicity across all of SPAST’s social media platforms.



S.3. Audit Policies and Editorial Welfare

Each year SPAST and VT is subject to annual 3rd party audits. The detailed audit report shall be made available to the editorial members upon the request to the Execution Board.

SPAST and VT Execution board believe in the welfare of the Editorial board members (EM) and hence are committed to provide appropriate stipend/honorarium for each member in various forms- full fee waivers for articles and or book chapters; travel allowance for conferences; stipend to partially fund a part of their graduate students.

These decisions shall be taken by the Execution Board in synergy with the EM over annual audit meeting and discussions. The release of the monetary or travel allowance benefits shall be decided after the audit meetings.

Benefits the Editorial Board Members can avail


  1. Waiver on publication fees for unlimited number of articles on SPAST.


  1. Waiver on publication fees for upto 2 books per year on SPAST.


  1. Fixed monetary travel allowance.


  1. Fixed monetary stipend for graduate students/laboratory.


Conference/Workshop Monetary and Non-Monetary Honorarium

Additionally, for their outstanding contributions Editorial Board Members shall be elected to be the honorary chair members for the SPAST conferences and or workshops. In addition, an honorarium shall be paid to the honorary chair member’s welfare.




S.4. Partnership Activities, Partnered Services and Educational Workshops


The Execution Board on behalf of SPAST and VT, reserves the rights to exclusive partnership activities (and revenue generated out of it) with various government, public and private entities/individuals. These activities shall be around educational workshops; skill workshops for unskilled workforce; Language and technical editing services to researcher community- academic and non-academic. Peer-review services for theses, patents and technical reports.